Our membership offer

The information, or ‘offers’ are broken down by team/department below:

The Organisational Development and Corporate Affairs team are responsible for:

  • Engaging clinicians and patients
  • Reviewing and maintaining the decision-making process
  • Identifying and applying best practice
  • Building organisational fitness


The team also provides support in the following areas:

  • Project management
  • Innovation
  • Coaching and mentoring


Contact Fiona Streeter, Deputy Director of Organisational Development and Corporate Affairs

The IM&T team handle IT projects and IT requirements for practices. The team is based at Friars Walk in Lewes but also work from other sites across East Sussex as required.

The team attend practice locality meetings providing IM&T updates and visit practices as required in relation to project specific work.

Contact Bronne Fielke or Becky Gayler on 01273 485300

The Performance and Delivery team provide the following support and services to practices:

  • Administration of the Locally Commissioned Services (LCS), ensuring due diligence is applied, and audits are undertaken
  • Information on available NHS contracts in order to support patient choice
  • Response to specific enquiries from GPs regarding patient referrals
  • Work with providers in order to ensure GPs have services to refer to


There are opportunities for practices and the CCG to work collaboratively on the design of new Locally Commissioned Services through the Primary Care Team. Contact them on 01424 735600.

The Medicines Management team provide the following support and services to practices:

  • East Sussex Health Economy Formulary
  • Prescribing newsletter
  • Prescribing guidelines and protocols
  • Patient Group Directions
  • Annual Prescribing Support Scheme


Alongside these services, they manage the implementation of electronic prescription service and electronic repeat dispensing and support with GP workload.

The team works closely with GP practices, community pharmacies and other clinicians and health professionals on a daily basis. We aim to ensure medicines are optimised and our patients receive evidence based treatments at a price affordable to the local health economy.

For more information on joint working opportunities, contact the team on 01424 735600.

The finance team provide management accounting, operational finance and financial planning support.

Our management accounting team provide general advice to CCG budget managers on financial reporting, payments and invoicing processes and coding issues.

Contact Fiona Kellett on 01273 485300.

The team manages these areas of our business:

Conflicts of interest

Declaring and managing conflicts of interests of general practice with CCG commissioning. A COI occurs where someone's ability to exercise judgement or act in one role is (or could be) impaired or influenced by the involvement in another role or relationship. The person or organisation doesn't need to exploit the position to obtain an actual benefit (financial or otherwise) for a COI to exist. COI is also about the potential  for competing interests and/or the perception of impaired judgement.

We all have an individual responsibility to declare interests and manage COI. 


They are part of the wider Governance and Business Planning Team; they provide the secretariat and governance support function for Governing Body meetings, a range of committees and Annual General Meetings.

The team also manages risk, combats fraud in the NHS, manages information governance, is responsible for business planning and provides required assurances.

Contact the team on 01273 485300.

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