Our performance

In 2013 NHS England produced a CCG Assurance Framework which it uses to assess how well CCGs are performing. 

(This is distinct from the Board Assurance Framework that the Governing Body uses to assess the levels of risk to its strategic objectives which can be found here.)

The CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework was first introduced in 2016, replacing the previous ‘CCG Assurance Framework’ and the ‘CCG Performance Dashboard’.  It is designed to bring together NHS Constitution and other core performance and finance indicators, outcome goals and the progress against transformation in one place.  The intention is to provide a focus on assisting improvement, alongside providing a structure for the statutory duty NHS England has, which requires it to carry out an annual assessment of each CCG.

There are four domains within the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework; (1) better health, (2) better care, (3) sustainability and (4) leadership.  Each of the domains contains a number of indicators which the CCG is measured against, totalling 51 for 2017/18.  The outcomes against each of these indicators are routinely published as part of a dashboard of CCG performance on the publically available ‘MyNHS’ website (most have quarterly updates).  The latest published indicator data for our CCG can be found here.

For 2017/18 the statutory annual assessment by NHS England will be a judgement reached by taking into account the CCG’s performance in each of the indicator areas over the full year, balanced against the financial position and a further qualitative assessment of each CCG’s leadership.  The final assessment is expected to be published on the ‘My NHS’ website (linked above) during summer 2018.

Performance 2016/17

In 2016/17 all CCGs received an annual assessment by NHS England derived from their performance in indicators across 29 areas, including an assessment of CCG leadership and financial management. These ratings are published on the My NHS website, and also on the NHS England website.  More information on the ratings for CCGs and the methodology behind these ratings can be found here.

The final headline rating for 2016/17 for Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG is ‘Good.’  

Feedback reflected the tangible work across the system to develop strong and supportive relationships with our partners, the work in engagement with general practice and primary care to support the East Sussex Better Together (ESBT) model of care and the tangible integration of health and social care through ESBT, evident through some of the teams and pathways now in place to deal with our frail and elderly patients in particular.  The achievement of the National Improving Access to Psychological Therapies standards for the whole of 2016/17 and the delivery of the 2016/17 financial control total in a challenging environment were also noted. 

Areas highlighted for continued focus and improvement include a number of indicators (published on the NHS website) where the CCG was assessed to be in the lowest quartile nationally at June 2017.  These include A&E performance over the winter period 2016/17 and performance against referral to treatment (RTT), 62 Day Cancer targets and diagnostic standards. The considerable financial challenges expected to be faced during 2017/18 were also highlighted, as was the need to focus on achievement of dementia diagnosis standards.

 These are areas of key focus and are regularly monitored, with our progress reported on. For the most current update please refer to the most recent Governing Body meeting and our standing item, the ‘Integrated Performance Report.’

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