Sussex Health and Care Partnership

Sussex Health and Care Partnership brings together 20 organisations involved in the planning and provision of health and care services across the region. This includes CCGs, acute hospital trusts, mental health, community services, and local authorities.

Together they are focused on how the NHS and social care can work together to improve and join-up services to meet the changing needs of all of the people who live in our area. 

As our population grows, and grows older, we need more health care and different services. Some of the services we have now, were not designed to meet the needs of today or the future and do not make the most of medical advances.

We want to do more to prevent illness, support people to manage existing health conditions and to stay independent. To do this we need seamless health and social care services.

The partnership is a new way of working and it ensures that all the health and care organisations in Sussex are working together in a joined-up way.

One of our priorities is to develop more community-based services, helping people to stay well closer to home. This will reduce demand on our hospitals, enabling them to improve their specialist services.

Working together in this way means that we can offer local people better care and better outcomes and make more efficient use of the resources available to us.

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Our Population Health Check

The NHS has published a ‘long-term plan’ that sets out the priorities and ambitions for the years ahead to make sure the NHS continues to provide high-quality care across the country. Local organisations have been asked to work together as part of health and care systems to develop their own plans by autumn 2019 which will set out how the national long-term plan will work across local areas.

To help develop the local plan, doctors, specialists and clinicians have come together across Sussex and East Surrey to develop a ‘Population Health Check’. They have looked at clinical evidence, patient experience and local population information and given a diagnosis of what needs to change from their expert point of view.

They have found that 75% of deaths and disabilities across our local area are caused by five conditions – cancer, circulation and respiratory disease, diabetes, bone and joint conditions, and mental health conditions – and these cause the biggest impact on services.

The Population Health Check sets out priority areas that we need to focus on to allow services to better meet the needs of our population:

  • Looking at new ways to treat and care for more people
  • Looking at how our staff can work more effectively
  • Supporting people to manage their own health and care better
  • Supporting people to make the right lifestyle choices
  • Reducing unjustified differences in treatment and care
  • Providing services closer to home with good communication and coordination

Our Population Health Check - full version

Our Population Health Check - summary version

We want a better understanding of the needs of our population and will be doing this by speaking and hearing from local people over the months ahead. Click here to see a full list of events and book your place. 

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