'One Click' and the 'Primary- Secondary Care Interfaces Code of Conduct' Update

Thank you to those of you who have used the “One Click” or Red Button as it has become known over the years. As you know we’ve been collecting the themes and feeding them back to providers so that secondary care teams can act on them. 

The 'One Click' has been redesigned to capture and catalogue any breaches identified against the standards contained within the 2016/17 NHS acute contract variation 'Improving how hospitals work with General Practice (2016/17)'.  These standards have been interpreted by both CCG and East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) clinical leads and agreed with the Local Medical Committee (LMC) resulting in the 'Primary-Secondary Care Interfaces Code of Conduct' document (which should be read in conjunction with this bulletin). 

We need to help to help educate people in the system, and your feedback is important to help to do this. Please use the Red Button to tell us instances where the guidelines (or Code of Conduct) described above have not been followed and we can then work with ESHT to help drive appropriate education.

Revised 'One Click' Link and proforma

The new link can be found here for each of the ESBT CCGs and supporting CCG staff: 


The revised proforma is now comprised of two parts as there are two subject areas where users may wish to comment:

  • The first element (Part A) looks at general areas where GPs and other staff groups may wish to flag any emerging themes which may need to be addressed
  • The second element (Part B) allows solely for direct logging of breach examples


Feedback to Providers and 'One Click' users and providers

The key points to note include:

  • The feedback received from 'One Click' users will continue to be fed back to providers.  As the overwhelming majority of comments relate to ESHT they will continue to be feedback to the trust via the monthly Clinical Quality Review Group (CQRG)
  • It has also been recognised that there is a requirement for more specific feedback to staff who have taken the time to access 'One Click'.  To this end a monthly breach report against the 10 standards outlined within the 'Code of Conduct'document will be fed back to practices via the GP newsletter and posted on to the CCG intranet for all staff access
  • A market stall update as part of the Membership Learning and Engagement Events (MELE) scheduled for September 2019 will take place outlining issues raised since 01 April 2019


The use of the EMIS number

Together with the inclusion of the standards  the other significant change is that there is now the ability to log the EMIS number as a patient of reference.  This will allow the trust to contact you directly should they require further information. Please note: any use of the patient NHS number or any other patient identifiable information will breach information governance legislation and will be reportable to the Information Commissioner and is therefore forbidden

ESHT email address (esht.eshtshc@nhs.net)

There is no need to utilise this email address for logging breaches following the introduction of the revised “One Click” proforma therefore please do not use.

What 'One Click' is not to be used for…

It should also be reiterated that this system must not be used for the report of significant events/ serious incidents, patient safety incidents or complaints as there are separate and established processes for dealing with these issues.  The “One Click” remains a soft intelligence information gathering tool only with the aim of collecting emerging themes for resolution at scale and must not be used as a mechanism to resolve individual issues. 

Point of contact within the CCG

If you have any queries or would like further clarification around points raised please contact Adrian Leah, CCG Quality Manager on (01273) 403510 or alternatively via adrian.leah@nhs.net 

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